Protectors station

Simple and unadorned two story prefab structure sitting a few buildings down from the center dome. The building looks sturdier than most but definitely doesn't hide it's construction method. To the side in the alley between the Clinic is a beat up A-A3 Light Speeder Truck with hard top roof over the back trailer.  A flickering holosign reads out, Corestrike Protector Station, just above the door of center to the left of the door frame. On the right, appendage-high, side of the door is an intercom system linked to the simple locked door. 

Entering the door is a mane office lobby. A long counter stretches from the far left wall and to the right and separates the lobby from the office. The right is a hallway with to locked double doors. The counter holds a simple comm-station, computer terminal and other sundry office supplies. Behind the counter are a couple swivel chairs on wheels and a staircase with a simple railing leading to the second floor.  On the right wall behind the counter is a door. 

Behind the locked double doors is a ward room that offers a prep area for the those living and working there. Wall lockers, along the right wall, provide storage for personal belongings. Sealed cabinets store equipment that they will use. A few tables and chairs offer comforts for breaks and off hours. A refresher and modest autochef at the far end of the room provide for their biological needs, along with droid charging unit. Also along the far end is a large closet/evidence locker. There are two doors along the left wall. The closest to the double doors is the one that leads to the lobby-office and to the stairs to the second floor. The second door leads to short hallway three holding shells. Each holding cell having a refresher and an average electronic lock. There are two medium sized cells that could hold 4-5 average sized beings and 1 that can hold 1-2 average sized beings.

Upstars there is a single hallway that leads to five locations. A common refersher and four bedrooms with a simple bed-slab, a hat/coat rack, an unlocked chest and a dresser. 

Protectors station

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